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Home Add-Ons

Nothing turns a house into an inspired living space like the right home additions. A bigger kitchen, a mother-in-law suite, a playroom, or an all-purpose space improves property value and beauty. Whether you want a simple room addition or multi-level drama, call us – the Houston area’s most capable home builder.

Your property will be treated uniquely, with the ultimate goal of transforming it into a larger and more usable space. Our home add-ons are known for being perfectly integrated into the existing square footage and never look tacked-on. We can add on a second story, build an extension, or create an entirely new wing.

Home Additions Are Easier Than You Imagine

If you think of a house as modular parts, you will see how simple it is for a professional remodeler to add home additions. We will find the safest, most cost-effective way to add on. Your budget and goals will always be foremost when you work with our talented team of design-builders.

Above the Garage

Build a bonus room over a flat-roofed garage space for more storage. Add the home gym, meditation room, or retreat you have always wanted. We will make sure the proportions align perfectly with the existing style. If you want to add a touch of grandeur to your house, we’ll suggest solutions. A two-story entry, dormers, and a larger porch are just some of the ways to add architectural interest.

Room Additions

If you have always dreamed of a spare bedroom or are planning a nursery, don’t put it off. Call us for a free estimate and great design ideas. We can add a bath onto it and make the design flexible, so you can repurpose it later. An extra bedroom is always a value booster in today’s market, so if you decide to sell down the line, you will recoup your investment.

More Lavish Space

Four walls and a ceiling may be a necessity, but if you have always yearned for something more, why not add some visual panache? A separate den or living room, complete with fireplace and oversized windows, is as inviting from the front door as it is inside. These are some of the in-demand home additions that will change the way you live.

En Suites

If your family has outgrown its quarters or you desire more privacy, home additions are a smart solution. Let us design and build a completely separate cluster of rooms. Picture a generous bedroom with its own private balcony, perhaps a sunny reading nook, an oversized spa-style bath, and walk-in closets.

Other variations of these home additions include an in-law suite with its own kitchenette, sitting room, and bath; or a place just for the children: playroom, study, and game area. If you work at home and want to see clients, we can create an office suite with a separate entrance.


We are capable of turning the narrowest galley into a spacious place to cook, dine, and gather. Home additions of just a few feet, plus a full kitchen remodeling, can give you room to spread your creative wings. Entertain in style, feed a crowd, or create pantries that have a place for everything. We can also include an outside kitchen using the existing plumbing and electricity for three-season outdoor living.


There is no more welcome sight than a resort-quality master bath at the end of a long day. Or ease the morning madness with a spare bathroom. Perhaps you want to impress your guests with a custom-built powder room. If you have a pool but nowhere to change, we can construct a full bathroom that connects the house and deck area. Store gear and towels and offer a convenient place to shower.

When you work with a seasoned home additions company, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Our core team works with hand-selected specialty contractors – plumbers, masons, electricians, and more – who are known for high-quality work. Our company owner is on every job site, closely supervising the work and giving you constant updates.

Isn’t it time you collaborated with a builder who understands your vision and has the experience to create it perfectly? Call us for home additions in Houston, Katy, Cypress, and all nearby communities.