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Commercial Office Builders

When you’re thinking about office design and construction, talk to a general contractor that has experience with your type of business, in addition to turnkey service. That way, the design-build process will flow as smoothly as the end result. Call us for efficient ideas that work for your needs.

A well-designed space increases productivity and boosts morale. And that affects your bottom line in a positive way. Our commercial construction company has been teaming up with all types of businesses for more than 16 years. As commercial office builders, our goal is to help you rethink your office, update its looks for a fresh appeal, and make your employees feel good about coming in each day.

Customized Office
Designs in Houston

The best local planned remodels put function above everything else. One of the best ways to achieve this is to group together people who perform related tasks. An obvious one is placing production stations away from a busy sales floor or placing the executive conference room away from noisy areas.

Comfort is becoming more important to today’s office remodel and commercial build-out projects. As a contractor with longtime experience in design, we can also tell you that adequate space is vital to a productive office. It usually involves rethinking the layout rather than sacrificing square footage. There is probably a good amount of underutilized area that can be repurposed. Call now, and let us help you imagine the possibilities.

Because people spend more time at the office, a redesign means making the space welcoming for workers: considering the right level of lighting for the job at hand, plenty of natural light through windows and glass panels, ergonomic office designs, and adequate areas to meet and relax. Frequently used machinery such as printers and postage machines should be accessible to all.

Need ideas? When you work day in and day out, year after year in the same space, it is easy to adapt yourself to an inefficient layout. We approach it with a fresh eye, keeping your specific business in mind. Do you want to give people more space or do you need to closely supervise what’s going on? Meet with us for bold ideas and a free cost estimate.

Modern office designs demand properly outfitting workspaces for the tasks at hand, such as talking to customers on the phone, creating invoices, or handling mail. Surfaces should be large enough for a computer, phones, papers, and files. Materials should be highly durable yet attractive and budget-friendly. The level of openness or privacy for a specific job should also be factored in.

A Healthier, Safer Office

When designs are done with care and thoughtfulness, employees always appreciate it. Brighter lighting can reduce eyestrain and back problems. A welcoming break area helps people exchange ideas or recharge in solitude. Passages in which employees are not bumping into one another make for a more pleasant environment. We can also discuss healthier indoor environments, such as upgraded HVAC systems that reduce allergies and illness and save on maintenance and energy costs.

Call us about upgrading your reception area, restrooms, kitchen, storage, and entryways. We are a seasoned commercial construction company that can handle all types of office designs in Houston. Our core team and trusted subcontractors function like a well-oiled machine, from permitting to final inspection. We do electrical, plumbing, drywall, rough and finish work, and selection assistance with colors and materials.

Get a fresh start with innovative office designs in Houston, Katy, Cypress, and all surrounding areas.